San Antonio River Walk A Perfect Place for a Family Vacation and a Unique Experience.

San Antonio River Walk
849 E Commerce St
San Antonio, TX 78205

In Texas, water has been a lifeline for many generations for centuries past. The San Antonio River is a source of a South Texas Treasure, The San Antonio River Walk. Development of San Antonio and its most popular tourism attraction has come a long way. Not far from the famed Alamo, in San Antonio, TX, you can take a stairway down to the fantastic Riverwalk, near the Marriott Hotel. My husband and I spent hours there meandering along the banks of the San Antonio River, and would have been happy to stay a week. The San Antonio Riverwalk is definitely on our list of things to revisit.

The San Antonio River makes a horseshoe curve right in the middle of town. The townspeople, there, have added a couple of canals to the top of the horseshoe and extended the river quite a distance to make a kind of T-shape. The stores, up on the street level, look like stores you might see anywhere. A person could enter from the street side, shop for hours, and never even know about the hidden world of the Riverwalk, below.

The entire Riverwalk is one floor below street level. A beautiful stone walk fronts the stores along both banks of the river and extends for 3 miles. Dozens of little, (and not so little), shops open onto the sidewalk and you can enjoy strolling along, entering the shops, and returning to stroll some more.